The new DMASA Compliance Portal is the latest product of the DMASA’s partnership with Weavind Online, an innovative legal technology company. The Compliance Portal has been designed to serve as a central resource for assisting organizations to achieve and maintain compliance with POPIA. DMASA has recognized the need for its members to have access to practical compliance tools and through the deployment of this portal, members and non-members have access to a unique Compliance Dashboard.


You require access to a growing catalogue of tools and resources which enable practical compliance. This Portal affords you easy and quick access to not only a growing catalogue of compliance tools and resources which enable you [and specifically your Information Officer(s)] to build and maintain your own Compliance Framework as required in terms of Regulation 4 of the Regulations to POPIA. You also have access to ongoing updates on the latest requirements from the Regulator’s perspective.

Access to a growing catalogue of

  • Policies (Legal and Technical)
  • Manuals (in terms of PAIA)
  • Privacy Notices
  • Consent Forms
  • Third Party Data Sharing Agreements
  • Contract Wording (Employees/Operators/Suppliers)
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Template Regulatory Submissions
  • Website Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Credit Application Wording Templates

Team collaboration in central online environment

  • Identify compliance tasks
  • Prioritize compliance tasks
  • Assign compliance tasks to various process owners
  • Track the execution of individual compliance tasks
  • Build a portfolio of evidence

To stay up to date with Regulatory requirements

  • Receive ongoing Regulatory updates
  • Convert updates into actual compliance tasks
  • Have access to Regulatory resources

Getting Started

To Kick-Start the process, we will equip you to do the following:

  • An Impact Assessment Questionnaire

    This is an assessment which is included in the catalogue of Compliance Tools available on the Dashboard and during onboarding you will be given instructions and guidelines as to the purpose of the assessment and how to complete it.

  • IO and DIO Appointments & Registration

    You need to appoint and register your Information and Deputy Information Officers with the Information Regulator. The requisite documents needed in order to give effect hereto are included in the catalogue of Compliance Tools available on the Dashboard and guidance will be provided during onboarding.

  • A 2 Hour Training Workshop

    This offering includes preparation and delivery of a single 2hr face-to-face workshop held at your facility (or via a digital platform of your choosing) with as many attendees as can be accommodated.

How it works

  • Step 1: Register and Request an Invoice
  • Step 2: Sign Services Agreement and Make Payment
  • Step 3: Get access to the Dashboard
  • Step 4: Complete the Impact Assessment Questionnaire
  • Step 5: Register your IO and DIO
  • Step 6: Complete the Training Workshop
  • Step 7: Get Access to the Dashboards full functionality
Get started

Program Add-Ons

Additional features to help you through your compliance journey.

Support & Advisory Services
Weavind Online
It may be that you require ad hoc advisory and support services from time-to-time to assist in implementing the various Compliance Tools. Any additional advisory and support services shall be scoped and quoted for independently.
Online Training Courses
Weavind Online
Through the DMASA’s online training portal you will have access to accredited online training courses which can be distributed internally and assist in meeting your training and awareness obligations as required by POPIA.
Training Workshop(s)
Weavind Online
If you require a more tailored training approach to address specific requirements and the way in which POPIA finds application to your unique marketing processes, we are able to provide bespoke training workshop packages.


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